(2003-07-27) Summer In The City

One little "secret" of living in NYC is how nice the weekends are in the summer when so many people leave town.

  • No lines for brunch, etc.

  • last weekend one dinner at the Noho Star, another in the back garden at Miracle Grill (catfish tacos and guava margaritas). Both kid-acceptable.

  • an afternoon last weekend at Pier 51

  • this past Friday night taking the older son over the Staten Island Ferry to see the minor Yankees. $10 a seat, right next to the ferry terminal, small/new stadium with the harbor just beyond the outfield, etc. We left in the middle of the... 2nd inning! But for both rides on the ferry we stood at the very front gate overlooking the bow. During the ride back it was getting dark and the lights of the city and the Statue Of Liberty were coming on. Very cool.

  • today - historical Fencing. Oh darn, I forgot my goatee - now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time! (Here are scans of an interesting article about dueling in Paris 1887.)

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