(2003-12-18) Blaser Assertion Processor

Britt Blaser is playing with the idea of an Assertion Processor - including tags in MicroContent (esp. RSS feeds) to allow "facts" to be connected over time. See: Harpers Magazine Taxonomy, Ontology, 2003-08-31-DumbillRdfQuad, Reputation Management...

This reminds me also of Jon Udell's tagging process.

It also makes me think of a WikiWord as an RDF entity, vs 2003-04-16-WikiwordAsTopic.

Remember that distinguishing "facts" from "opinions" is often a matter of opinion. (Which is why "assertion" is a good word...)

// see also http://dannyayers.com/archives/002135.html --DannyAyers

Update: in a comment to a later post I played with a Semantic Wiki idea...

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