(2005-08-25) Kling 250 States

Arnold Kling says the US needs 250 states to improve Accountability. There are two components to this reform proposal. One component is to reduce the size of the local units of government. My thinking is that this would increase the power of ordinary voters and reduce the power of special interests. The other idea is to "layer" the electoral process for Congressmen and Senators (US Congress). The problem with Direct Democracy is that each legislator represents too many voters, so that accountability does not take place. Instead, I am proposing that we "elect the electors." That is, we would vote for state legislators, who in turn would vote for Congressmen and Senators. The number of state legislators would be sufficiently small that Mass Market, money-driven politics would be less important. Direct persuasion would be more important.

Should this tie to City Region boundaries?

Or maybe we need the Nine Nations Of North America?

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