(2005-09-30) Delicious For Sister Sites

Hmm, I wonder whether we could use Del.icio.us to feed a Sister Sites directory instead of MeatBall:MetaWiki?

  • A WikiEngine could have code to post all new pages to Del.icio.us periodically.

  • Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you can limit your queries to a list of hostnames (Social Network Context).

    • I wonder whether some combination of searching on tag-combos ('tag1+tag2') (where each WikiSpace might use its own name as a tag) and bundles might do the job?

Related-but-different, you could use every Wiki Name mentioned in a page as a separate tag to associate with that page. (WikiWord As Tag). That might conflict with the previous idea; but it's a cool application of Everything Is A Graph... let's call it WikiGraph As Delicious Data...

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