(2008-03-03) Passage Game Author

I keep forgetting to try the Computer Game Passage.

It got lots of buzz a couple months back.

Here's a more recent (2008) article about Jason Rohrer, the author, who lives in upper New York State with a Life Style of Voluntary Simplicity. We don't have a car, a fridge, or a plasma TV. I'm a full-time programmer, but I'm using a computer that is 11 years old.

Nov'2008 update: fresh Esquire Mag article by Jason Fagone. But even within the small yet growing dork vanguard of indie game-makers - a vanguard that includes Rohrer and Rod Humble and a guy called "Cactus" and Ian Bogost, an associate professor of digital media at Georgia Tech, and Jonathan Blow, who pumped $180,000 of his life savings into Braid, a game about the nature of time and existence and quantum mechanics - Rohrer is "pretty fringe," according to Bogost. The other indie guys don't live in meadows. Plus his new "Between" game.

Dec'2010 update: This list of 5 great web-based games includes Sleep Is Death by Jason Rohrer.

Dec'2012: just discovered Jason Rohrer wrote (in 2002-2004) a Proxy Server named tangle which focuses on creating links between web pages (Two Way Links) based on user reading behavior.

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