(2008-10-27) Moving Wiki Zaurus To N810

Trying to migrate from Wiki On Zaurus to Wiki On N810.

Key next step is to get all the old pages/file off of the old Sharp Zaurus.

I can't seem to get an SD card to mount! I did yesterday, but it seemed like I filled up a whole card or something, so then when I tried to use a different card, etc. the problems started. I've tried manually mounting, rebooting the Zaurus, etc.

Given the lack of 'mget' in the FTP on the Zaurus, that's not a great situation.

But might tar/gzip the whole directory into a single file, then I can use FTP... (unless I can solve the card problem).

  • did the tar-pipe-gzip thing to make a single file

  • can't seem to connect the Zaurus to the Mac via the cradle now! It's enough of a connection to charge, but when the USB is connected, after a minute a little dialog pops up on Zaurus saying "Cannot establish connection...". Argh!

    • cannot ping the IP#

    • when try to FTP to it, it acts like it has connected, but when I do the GET it times out ("421 Service not available, remote server timed out. Connection closed.")

      • it acts like it has connected even when the Zaurus isn't attached at all (then gives time-out in a minute), so that piece is a false-positive.

Tried soft reset but that didn't help.

Hmm, IR? Oops, I don't have anything else that does IR. MacBook apparently supports IR, but only for a remote control, not data transfer.

Bought a CF memory card at Radio Shack.

  • if I try to copy to '/mnt/cf/.' it says it's a 'Read-only file system' (this is different than if I try to copy to '/mnt/card/.' when the SD is in)

  • if I try 'cardctl status' it says there's no card in Slot0 and Slot1. (I put an SD card back in that slot first, so both slots have cards in them.)

    • IRC dudes explained that cardctl only involves CF, and that there are 2 logical slots. But that doesn't explain why not seeing either.

What if I try the Back Up/Restore app?

  • the CF radio button is grayed out

  • if I click on the SD radio button a dialog pops up saying "Cannot make backup file!'

IRC dudes say I'm mounting the wrong way

  • do 'su root'

  • do 'type mount -t vfat /dev/mmcda1 /mnt/cf' (tried with '/mnt/card' first but got error): success!

  • copy file, confirm it's there, remove card, move it to Mac, copy file over, untar to get 990 files! (And all the original mod-dates are intact, etc.)

Don't want to move this much stuff to the Nokia N810 via Blue Tooth, so connecting the USB cable. Hmm, it auto-mounts on the MacBook fine, but can't figure out where things go....

  • ah, card directories are hidden from local view while connected to the Mac. Once I disconnect, I see stuff within '/media/mmc2/'

  • so connect via USB, make subdir of '/media/mmc2/tmp/', copy stuff into that directory, disconnect, then copy from there over to where I really want things.

  • bring up the Wiki On N810, load a page just copied over: success!

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