MacOs X Lap Top I bought Jan26'2008

Setup Assistant: to migrate stuff from my old IBook

  • when I first started the machine, I didn't have a FireWire cable, so I couldn't run this. So I set up an account, downloaded one app, then decided I was wasting time and went to buy a cable

  • it won't let you merge the old/remote user stuff into an existing account on the new machine, it has to create a separate account.

  • and the two different accounts had the same name. (Wouldn't this be a common issue?)

  • so I had to assign a new username to the old account I was bringing over.

  • that may have created MAMP issues.

  • so now I'm deleting the old/migrated account, so I can copy its bits into the new account. Horrified at the thought. What are the odds of (a) me not missing something important, or (b) having some old file format not be accepted by a new app (like IPhoto)? Grrr. At least file mod-dates were preserved...

  • Jan27: have moved everything except photos/music. Also would like to move over my Private Key.

Dealing with Private Key

  • 2007-12-11-KeyBaseSsh

  • confirmed it didn't come over magically.

  • I'm tempted to just generate a new key and write the public over key the old one on the server.

  • got private key moved over, gave it new passphrase. Works for Key Based Ssh. Great.


  • Migration Assistant copied over all my working copies, but they don't get recognized.

  • feh, just renamed old archive, created new one via checkout, then manually moving over a few unchecked-in bits.

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