(2008-11-24) Tasks Dont Get More Important With Age

One Product Management rule Of The Day, that I try to impose, against resistance from most people, is Tasks that aren't crucial don't become more important with age. (Of course, if you have a paying client, "crucial" may be filtered via the Golden Rule.) Every task that takes more than 30min (even less?) should be evaluated against "is this the most important thing to do now?" (Fo Cus).

Go ahead and stick that item on a To-Do List. But it's ok if it sits there forever.

  • The Thirty7 Signals guys says you shouldn't even bother tracking them. The ones that are really important will keep bubbling up. And those are the ones you'll remember. Those are the important ones. You don't need to track or remember everything - let your customers be your memory. They'll remind you.

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