(2009-04-30) Lipsky Gigantic Digital Distribution

Mark Lipsky on Gigantic Digital's attempt to mix theatrical and digital distribution (Film Industry). The two biggest challenges we faced were 1) how to protect the integrity (read exclusivity) of the bricks and mortar engagements and 2) how to convince local media in the top 100 markets that a new film opening exclusively online in their market was virtually the same as a new film opening at the local art house - and that they should cover it as such... In the first case the answer was geo-targeting. With Gigantic Digital we have the ability to turn on or turn off access to our content in real time and at very fine granularity. In other words, if a film is or will be opening theatrically in, say, San Francisco, we can limit access in the greater San Francisco area - or in the entire state of California - until after the theatrical engagement(s) there has complete. (Artificial Scarcity)... As for convincing local media that Gigantic Digital represented the future of independent film distribution, that would be a matter of literally thousands of phone calls and emails and thousands more follow-ups. We were relentless yet patient; our outreach was personal, One To One and genuine; we were willing to hand-hold and cajole; and we were right.

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