(2010-05-27) Pandigital Novel Ereader

The Pandigital Novel is a color EBook reader with TouchScreen and WiFi. Built in partnership with Barnes And Noble. Only $200!?

  • Sept12: some people are getting them under $100.

It's a 7" Tablet built on top of Android!

Jun09: problems with hardware have led to them giving full refunds to unhappy customers.

Jul13: Hackers are turning it into a full raw Android device.

Jul22: new firmware is available.

Aug20: Engadget review.

Oct update: there's a new "Novel Personal e-Reader" coming soon which uses an EInk screen.

Dec update: saw $200 device in local Bed Bath And Beyond, but not sure what model it was.

Jan'2011: They may have been a big-seller!

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