typically defined as books sold in electronic format - typically in a closed binary form

see Information Ecosystem Roadmap

online "markets" - esp good for Self Publishing

Free sources


a special case has been those designed for dedicated hardware (e.g. Kindle)

I prefer DRM-stripped ePub over Kindle format.

HyperCard was an early tool for authoring these

crosses over with HyperText books like those made with StorySpace




http://drinkmalk.com/ - for commercial titles you already own

Daniel Jordi just goes ahead and scans and OCRs the books he buys/likes.

Some are in the Public Domain outside the US because the author died more than 50 years ago.

Barnes And Noble stopped selling them in 2003 after launching that store in 2000. Then announced their "nook" hardware in 2009.

Will Text-Books go this direction?

Does Wikipedia count?

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