(2010-07-27) Augen Android Tablet

Aug En will supposedly have a $150 7-in Android Tablet in K Mart stores this week. I hope this pans out....

Update: apparently not very good. Oh, wait, that's the $99 Augen74. The $150 is for the Augen78 (Gen Touch 78).

Their $99 EBook reader sounds good.

Jul30: Engadget preview. Resistive screen, Android 2.1. 800MHz (but only running at 600MHz) processor and 256MB of RAM.

Aug19: similar Smart Book sounds a bit better, at $234.

Oct'2010 - found a site of simple instructions for fixes on the Augen Gen Touch78.

  • argh: as of today (09/17/2010), I am recommending against purchasing this device until further notice. He himself likes it and is keeping it, but fears most "non-techie" users won't put up having to mod it, etc.

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