(2010-08-30) Pages To Epub

IWork's Pages app can output EPub.

Hmm, how well does it handle fonts?

  • In IBooks, the book font is set to the font you choose from within the iBooks application. All the text sizes in the book are displayed only as small, medium, or large, and you can select which size within iBooks. Colors in the book may not be identical to those in its Pages counterpart. Eek.

  • the output doesn’t render worth a fig in any of the computer-based ePub readers I tried: Stanza, Calibre, and Kindle on my Macs. No character styles, not even italic or bold, only one font size, and no font color information displays.

  • Perhaps the Any Biz Soft app's "Each page as an image to EPUB" feature in converting a PDF is a better choice?

  • semi-related: Elizabeth Castro wrote a $20 book on generating EPub, with a seeming emphasis on controlling design (esp for the IPad).

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