EBook "standard" from IDPF


It's basically a zipped archive that includes XHTML, CSS, image files, and Meta Data.

  • if you want to play with one, just
    • make a copy of the '.epub' file
    • change the extension of the copy to '.gz'
    • use your unzipping-tool of choice - you'll get a directory with all the asset files inside.

For my main reading on my Android Tablet I use MoonReader. On my phone and laptop I use FBReader.

Generating EPub

GoogleDocs has a download-as-epub feature! For simple informational docs, that's handy.

Sigil is an Open Source WYSIWYG editor http://code.google.com/p/sigil/

CaLibre generates EPub or Mobi from PDF, RTF, HTML, OpenOffice ODT, etc.

E Cab is free (but not Open Source), generating from HTML or PlainText.

from TEI or DocBook XML

Daisy Pipeline is an Open Source set of tools, but sounds a bit complicated

Help And Manual has an Export feature

Sept'2013: writing/editing in Libre Office then converting with Writer2e Pub plugin.

Jan'2011: Paul Biba summarizes workshop by Joshua Talent.


Info on raw format



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