(2011-02-21) Kamenetz Diy Credential

Anya Kamenetz's next book will be: The Edupunks Guide To A Diy Credential: an EBook distributed free on the web in summer 2011. The primary goal is to reach low-income students and potential students to help them find alternative paths to a credential using online and open resources. The secondary goal is to reach educators and administrators interested in incorporating the latest technology, social media, and collaborative learning into their approaches in order to cut costs while improving learning, socialization, and accreditation both inside and outside the classroom. (Credentialism)

Some folks are edging away from the EduPunk label, and think that Anya Kamenetz is part of a conspiracy to destroy Public Schools for big-CollegeEducation or something. Kamenetz responds In the case of higher education, as in health care, there’s a Moral reason to consider bringing down costs. The high cost of these services today severely affects our ability to provide them to those who need them, and the cost is swiftly rising. Simply dedicating more and more public and private money to these services, even if politically possible, is unsustainable. I don’t point this out because I want to impoverish, privatize, or dismantle public higher education. To the contrary, I believe the only coherent position for those who support broad access to affordable, quality public higher education in this country is to support bending the cost curve.

Jul31'2011: now available.

Oct03'2011: now a website.

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