(2011-09-18) Occupy Wall St Day Of Rage

With the “ArabSpring” protests of the past year or two serving as inspiration, Twitter and FaceBook have been used to organize a large group of protestors on Wall Street and an “occupation” of Wall Street is currently underway. (Day Of Rage, Occupy Wall Street)

Sept25 update: still not done yet.

Sept28: Glenn Greenwald considers the "scorn" from Big Media and other "mainstream" liberals.

Oct5: John Robb reprints a note from someone about the Systems Disruption ROI (thinking of this like Open Source Warfare). The NYPD have spent darn near close to $1M so far whereas the total investment on the other end was still under $50k. I Commented that, on the other hand, that's a drop in the bucket for New York City (annual budget over $60B), so it's not really a disruption.

Oct12: Henry Blodget provides a great set of charts laying out how broken the system is.

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