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originally focused on College Student-s, but since expanded to High School students and BigCo employees.

How do they deal with validation, Digital Identity? If you are a college student, you need to have a valid school email account. You must be able to access this email address to confirm your registration on our site. If you are a high school student, you need to either have a school email address or you must be invited to join the site by another student at your school. If you are a college alum, and you have access to a school alumni email address, then you can easily register for and use Facebook.

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whether to use IFrame or FBML for app canvas pages - Sept'2008

Oct'2010 - the filtering that goes into what shows up in your (default) TopNews feed, vs the Most Recent feed (which is mostly-unfiltered but not quite).

Facebook Profile - the normal individual Social Networking account

Facebook Page/FanPage - brand placeholders -

Facebook Business Account -

Facebook Connect

Facebook Groups - more group oriented (duh) - like a Discussion Forum - z2010-10-07-FacebookGroups

Facebook Places - for CheckIn. z2010-08-19-FacebookPlaces

Facebook Events

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