(2011-12-12) Spivack Stream Bottlenose Universal Inbox

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Nova Spivack's new project is BottleNose, a Social Media-focused Universal Inbox. Only supporting Twitter and FaceBook at the moment (yikes, no RssAggregator included?). What happens if the Stream really breaks down under its own weight? If the signal-to-noise problem isn’t solved, and people can’t keep up with the Stream, they’re going to give up. They’re going to stop paying attention. They’re going to stop trying to keep up.

You can also add RSS/Atom feeds to bring in entries from websites. Other social networks are coming soon, and you'll even be able to pull in email eventually. (Actually, RSS is "coming soon".)

Bottlenose fights Social Media overload with flexible, granular feed customization options. You can, for instance, follow just slices of Twitter and Facebook feeds, getting someone’s tech news while skipping their Foodspotting posts. It’s also easy to sort by author influence, trending in your network, your interests (it learns these based on your activity) and pretty much any other criteria. You can set up as many feeds as you want... Aside from this technology, there’s something unusual about how Bottlenose is sorting streams. Mainly, that it plans to allow third party developers add more default options for doing so. Through what it calls “assistants,” you can already add streams such as “suggested reposts” or “by influencers” or one of your own. When Bottlenose opens this “app store” to other developers, the library of instant feeds will grow.

But what about the Group Discussion bits?

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