(2012-06-05) Varying Software Behind Moocs

Audrey Watters looks at the varying software layers behind different MOOC groups.

The Django-based Batucada behind Mozilla Drumbeat forked into the Lernanta system used at P2PU. It places a lot of emphasis on the Community Management aspects.

Stephen Downes' GRssHopper seems to allow more freedom for each user/student to have his own PLE, integrated by RSS.

There’s another gulf again between these two systems and the new Stanford University-model-MOOCs. (Although MITx – and now presumably EdX – does say it will open source its MOOC platform (source code link?).) The latter MOOCs have recreated a traditional LMS in many ways for their technology platforms, driving (almost) all course activity onto their own course sites. Udacity does host its videos on YouTube. Otherwise, there’s no RSS. There’s no integration with external student blogs. The social or peer element involves primarily class forums. All work is done on and submitted via the platform.

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