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Oct'2006 - bought by Google

May'2012: Andy Baio on Copy Right battles over posting Cover Song-s. Copyright law was intended to foster creativity by making it safe for creators to exclusively capitalize on their work for a limited period of time. Cover songs on YouTube don't threaten that ability, and may actually prevent new works by chilling talent that could go on to do great things.

Jul'2012: Jim Groom has had his YouTube account suspended (even stopping him from rating others' videos) for his movie clips that he uses as part of discussions. The real issue for me is the lack of any real due process. The three strikes you’re out mentality to the copyright game we’re playing online with our culture is extremely draconian and seems designed to end sharing as we know it... The corporations making the claims are entirely in the position of power. They decide what’s fair use or not, and they decide what constitutes a violation or not. Google plays the role of an errand boy sent by various media company grocery clerks to collect a bill.

If you have videos in Google Drive, and you want to publish them to your YouTube channel you have to

  • put/move the videos to the top level of your Google Drive - having them in a folder doesn't work
  • go into GooglePhotos and change Settings to view your photos and videos from Google Drive
  • go into YouTube/upload and pick the "Import from Photos" link over in the right
  • after the "processing" is complete you can move videos into Google Drive subfolders

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