(2013-02-11) Mac Google Chrome Crashing

Google Chrome has been crashing a lot on my MacBook Pro recently.

Jan31: tried this Adobe Flash tweak

I think this was helping

Feb08: added the Great Suspender because I have so many tabs open all the time.

Feb10-11: crashing again!


  • disable Great Suspender.
  • other extensions I have
    • Flash Block (0.9.31)
      • review for this extension notes that Chrome's built-in block-all-plugins (in settings/content) makes this unnecessary.
      • so I do this, turn on "Block all", don't add any exceptions. Then disable Flash Block.
    • KeepMyOptOuts 1.0.14
    • Meeting Scheduler (just disabled it)
    • Streamified (already disabled)
    • Widget Block 0.1.14
  • crashed 5min later! (But hadn't restarted Chrome after disabling stuff above, so maybe this one didn't count?)
  • crashed again! Restarted whole machine.
  • crashed again!

Feb20: still crashing on a daily basis, though not every 10min. Have pasted a dump to Google Chrome page.

Feb24: new theory - odds of crash greater when have "TaskManager" window open.

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