MacBook Pro

Apple Computer Lap Top I bought Jun'2011, to replace my 3.5yo MacBook. 2011-05-28-NewLaptopTime

Sept'2014: Received free Retina replacement after repairs failed: 2014-06-11-MacBookProDying

Jun'2011: Migrate over "everything" from my old MacBook?

Plan: use Migration Assistant and FireWire.

  • oops, only FireWire cable I have is the 400 variety, the MBP has only 800.

Try a couple different EtherNet cables connecting the two machines directly, doesn't seem to work.

In tracking this down, find at least one person suggesting that it's better to have MBP pull from a Back Up on Time Capsule.

  • last Back Up of the MacBook is from 24hrs ago, so trigger fresh Back Up
  • seems to be taking forever
  • ugh, notice Time Capsule is getting very full (naturally)
  • leave MacBook running overnight.
  • it finishes but leaves message "Time Capsule is full", last backup is from 2 days ago. That seems very weird and I'll have to investigate it later.

Launch Setup Assistant on MacBookPro (after connecting it to Time Capsule with EtherNet cable). Connect to volume on Time Capsule. It starts calculating space needed.

  • hmm, do I want to take everything? I'd like to assume the app is smart enough to not break things, but I'm nervous, will research a little.
  • it [sounds]( Asst.html) like it will be smart, so I'm going to ahead and let it suck in everything. (Also, turned off Time Machine on old MacBook so it doesn't start a fresh Back Up.)
  • To pull in 75GB will take 20hrs! (starting at 8am)
    • Yes, it really took that long.
  • Sept'2014 version: Back Up is IOmega drive connected by USB. Only took 90min to Restore.

Jun10: up and running.

  • even copied over my Private Key for SSH! (Not quite sure that's a good thing... should probably wipe it out on other machine).
  • hmm, even copied the name of the machine, which means that 2 machines in the house will look the same to other computers. That's not very good, have to figure out if changeable: yep just SystemPreferences/Sharing.

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