(2013-04-01) Son Dropped Nexus One Replaced With Galaxy S

Number One Son has been using my trickle-down Nexus One since 2012-08-25-UpgradingToHtcOneS.

He dropped it while it was plugged in, and the connector bracket isn't working right, can't charge.

We've been paying $7/mo for the Asurion handset-protection Insurance. What this gets us: paying $130 for an old Galaxy S phone (since they don't have any Nexus One-s available). Since I could have just bought a refurb Galaxy S for a little more, this doesn't seem like a great deal.

Update: he's not happy with phone

May24 update: replaced SIM. Later did factory-reset. Still having connection problems (sometimes rebooting doesn't help, it takes hours to get connection back). They're sending new... Galaxy S.

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