(2012-08-25) Upgrading To Htc One S

Number One Son's 2-1/2yr-old MyTouch phone has become unusably slow. So I told him we'd replace it.

After thinking about it, I decided to spend a little more to replace my phone, and give him my Nexus One, which is still excellent.

I bought the HTC One S.

Guy at T-Mobile store recommended physically copying all my 2k contacts over, which took awhile. So I didn't bother copying over anything else (apps, data), since I don't use that many non-standard apps. Exceptions

  • I emailed myself my main Thinking Space Mind Map
  • I knew I would end up losing my FBReader highlights: 2012-03-29-FbreaderHighlightsControl - ok since don't have too many on the phone anyway.
  • Update: the manually-copied contacts appear to be complete dupes to the Google-synched set! So I just end up hiding the "on-phone" from my listing! But in certain contexts that hiding doesn't work, and I get all sorts of mess to filter through.

Yay, this has UMA, which is nice given how dicey Cell Phone coverage can be in my house.

  • though typing in my passcode to the Voicemail doesn't work.
  • so I activated the Visual Voicemail service they have, though I should probably re-install Google Voice.
    • Visual Voicemail isn't bad. You don't get the transcript unless you pay for that service, but you get the voicemail faster than with Google Voice.
  • but finding UMA to have lots of drop-outs, even when I don't think there's a lot of home-network activity (great UVerse), so trying to go without it.

Weird how they nudge toward the generic Mail app, rather than the GMail app. Confused me for a minute there...

  • dang, when Sharing a Contact they don't even give me a choice, it has to be through the Mail app. Very stupid.

Apps I installed today (same day)

Hrm, the Clock app doesn't work like the standard app on the Nexus One, where if you leave it running while the phone is plugged in, it stays running, turns to a green-on-black clock. I guess I'll have to go looking for something like that...

  • you can set the whole phone to always stay screen-on when plugged in.
  • when you have a bunch of alarms, it doesn't sort them nicely by time, like on the Nexus One.

Tried to use the Mind Map I had emailed myself, but GMail on phone won't let me do anything with it because "no app can open this attachment for viewing".

  • so downloaded to my Mac, then connected phone via USB and copied file over (plus some EBook-s)
  • once I figured out that the Back arrow would take me from the default map to a maps-list-browser, I saw my map there, and it opened fine!

Oct24: I've been noticing for a long time that WiFi connectivity seems dicey. I haven't been using UMA calling, but just for browsing, email synch, Twitter, etc..

  • I see there was an OTA update back in June. I already have that version of firmware.
  • Then there was another one a few weeks ago. I haven't gotten that! Wassup with that? Maybe I haven't restarted the phone in that time?
  • Restarted, did Settings/About/Software/check-for-update - yes, it's downloading!

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