(2013-07-03) Orlov Communities That Abide

Dmitry Orlov series on "Communities that Abide" (started Jul'2013): 1 2 3

  • Does our society work for us or against us? Does it provide safety, security, a sense of belonging, freedom from necessity and want, meaningful opportunities to care for others, and to be cared for in return?
  • Apr'2014: the 13 commandments: it helps to maintain certain practices that alienate your Community from the surrounding society just a bit, not badly enough to provoke them into showing up with torches and pitchforks, but enough to make them want to remain aloof and leave you alone much of the time.
  • May'2014: The vast landscape of societal Failure is obscured behind a verbal veil of political correctness... Those who insist on acting as willing pawns in this (Politically Correct) game are choosing a specific path for themselves. I like to call it the path of voluntary extinction—the guaranteed end result of endlessly plastering societal failure over with BullShit.

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