(2013-09-15) Barker Drucker Know Your Strengths Meaningful Life

Eric Barker examines Peter Drucker's recommendations to develop a Meaningful Life by knowing your strengths (cf Truth About You) and Values, and designing your life (esp DayJob) around them. What are you good at that consistently produces desired results?... do not try to change yourself — it is unlikely to be successful. But work, and hard, to improve the way you perform. And try not to do work of any kind in a way you do not perform or perform poorly... (This) enables people to say to an opportunity, to an offer, to an assignment: “Yes, I’ll do that. But this is the way I should be doing it. This is the way it should be structured. This is the way my relationships should be. These are the kind of results you should expect from me, and in this time frame, because this is who I am.”... From now on when you undertake projects, write down (NoteBook) what you expect to happen (thinking in bets), then later note the result... And while Drucker’s method is only focused on career, you’d be smart to extend it to romantic relationships, happiness, friendships, etc.

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