(2015-04-02) Nexus6 No Cell

All the sudden this afternoon my Nexus Six lost CellCo use, both voice and data. Rebooting multiple times didn't help. WiFi still works fine.

Most times the cell-strength symbol was just an empty outline. After the last reboot (or maybe when I tried toggling Airplane Mode) it didn't come up at all.

Had not yet installed the Android 5.1 update that became available last week. Could that be it?

Later.... installed the Android update. Now there's a different icon there for the cell-meter: "No SIM card"

Popped out the SIM card tray, pushed it back in, restarted phone. Success!

I wonder if this could be heat-related, in both cases it happened when I had been using the phone for awhile for reading (mostly InstaPaper and MoonReader, which are local reads)....

Apr03: lost connection again this morning while using it. Popping SIM card and restarting did not make it better!

  • a little while later it came back on its own
  • and then it dropped again a little while later
  • finally gave up and took it to store. They tried various things and then gave up. Have to ship me replacement, but it will take 5 days to get here (so put down deposit for loaner old slider phone)...

Apr08: replacement phone arrives via UPS

  • ooh, tapping 2 phones back-to-back activates some Tap And Go feature which turns on Blue Tooth and copies over account info (after having you log in to Google with the new phone).
  • said "can't restore from backup" - hrm? (msg immediately disappeared)
  • downloading/installing Android 5.1 update on new phone, to improve consistency with old phone
  • let it do bunch app installs/updates - looks like these are all Google apps
  • can't seem to launch Google Play AppStore, or I'm just confused by UI, but searching for it in Chrome launches it. Find MyApps to see list that hasn't been installed, install/upgrade most of them.
  • not seeing Books directory in Android File Transfer again. Try rebooting. Hey now it's visible! Start copying books over.
  • have some weird issues with Backup/Restore of MoonReader highlights via Drop Box, but using Google Drive does the trick, and they work! (I was a bit concerned because the books are in a different path than before.)

Apr09: take phones to T-Mobile store, get new one activated. Ship dead one back.

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