Nexus Six

Android Mobile phone (Phablet) I bought Feb20'2015: see end of HTC One S for details, since that's what I was replacing.

=== Experimenting as replacement for Tablet ===

At the time of buying the Nexus6, my Nexus Seven has recently died. I've been making do for ebook reading with my ancient Archos70 Tablet. But that's so slow that it's not a workable permanent solution.

So now I'm thinking I should try to make the N6 do the tablet work, and see if that's livable.

There have been 3 main uses for my tablet:

So I'll start attacking them in that order...


  • install Kindle app - works fine
  • buy/install MoonReader
  • hmm, not seeing anything in Android File Transfer
    • install an SD Media Scanner app
      • that didn't work, I see a "Books" item in Android File Transfer, but it looks like a file instead of a directory...
    • tried rebooting phone - no change
    • try "Rescan SD card" app: no change
    • try "Folder Media Scanner app: scan /storage/emulated/0/Books/, but doesn't appear
    • install Android update, which involves reboot. Still no change.
    • use "Folder Media Scanner" again, scan /storage/emulated/0/Books/MoonReader/ - no change
    • I wonder if Android File Transfer is caching the things that it thought were files instead of directories before....
    • restart phone again, no change
    • turn on CaLibre, let it manage the device. It sees books in the phone's library, but when I pick a book in the laptop library and Send to Device, communication fails.
    • ran "Folder Media Scanner" again, but bumped up to the root then to /sdcard/Books/MoonReader/ - now that appears in Android File Transfer under /storage/emulated/legacy/Books/MoonReader/! Good enough!
      • until I tried to copy a file from the laptop to that folder, and got a "Could not copy" alert!
        • I can copy ebooks to the Downloads directory, and can copy mp3 from ITunes to the Music directory.
    • resort to running CaLibre's Content Server, bring up web UI on phone's browser, download books to phone, Import in MoonReader. Works!
      • except that I also let CaLibre import all my ebooks, which had various duplications, and aside from creating extra files, when I downloaded some they were the versions that still have DRM, so MoonReader can't deal with them! So for a couple cases I deleted the files via MoonReader and then emailed the specific files to me.
  • next: because I didn't export it to back it up before crash my Nexus Seven's Highlighting And Annotating is all gone. (Not the end of the world, as most important stuff got copied/pasted into wiki pages, but still nice to be able to jump to good bits right in the book.) But I still have my ancient Archos, so at least I can rescue those. So I do Backup/restore via Drop Box, just like when I bought the Nexus Seven. Works!

InstaPaper - just install and log-in, and it sucks down my stuff, all good.

Private Wiki....

  • install Drop Sync on Nexus6, connect to Drop Box Private Wiki folder
  • install EsFileExplorer which includes file manager, Text Editor, and a bunch of other stuff (I saw some folks write about using it for copying files over the air when Android File Transfer was an issue).
  • actually, now that I'm not limited to WiFi, I'm pretty much never Off-Line, so I can go back to a model of getting my Private Wiki out in the cloud.... but probably won't take this approach until I have a new WikiEngine...

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