(2016-04-17) Epson V550 Scanner

The wife wanted a scanner that would handle bigger pages than our Epson Workforce 845.

But all the "big" scanners are over $1200, and the good one is $2200.

So she compromised on the Epson V550 Scanner.

Unfortunately I can't get my MacBook Pro to talk to it properly (over USB). Running the Scan app or the ScanSettings app-test both cause the scanner to make a noise like it's starting up, then nothing happens for 10sec, then I get an error (plus the yellow error light on the device starts flashing).

Uninstall/reinstalling (their initial recommendation) didn't help.

Their next recommendation is to call in.

Might try connecting to her IMac, even though I think I'll be doing most of the scanning....

Update: apparently 1 reboot wasn't enough, the 2nd one did the trick. Maybe something that I hadn't quit before rebooting the first time auto-relaunched? Sounds like hokum.... but at least it's working.

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