(2017-04-04) Bye Twitter All The Cool Kids Are Migrating To Mastodon

Bye, Twitter. All the cool kids are migrating to Mastodon.

It has better privacy controls than Twitter. Also, neo-Nazis are explicitly banned.

Mastodon is a type of free and open source software (FOSS) known as "GNU social."

Individual toots can be marked as private

users can tag their posts with a "content warning" — automatically hiding part of the message until another user selects to display it.

decentralization is key to Mastodon's DNA.

Mastodon is the 'federated' kind,

There are a ton of different instances, but not all of them talk to each other. One popular instance, Awoo.space, only links up with the "flagship" Mastodon.social and no others. For its part, Awoo is more heavily moderated than Mastodon.social with its mods aiming to create a safe and queer-friendly space.

While neo-Nazis, racism, sexism, and "excessive advertising" are all banned, those guidelines rely on community standards and a team of moderators.

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