Federated OpenMicroBlogging/OStatus app/network.

Mastodon is a federated social network, with similar features to Twitter, but administrated as a decentralized federation of servers running open source software. Users belong to a single Mastodon server, known as an "instance", where they post short messages for others to read, subject to the privacy settings of the user and instance. Messages can range from private to the user, private to the user's followers, public on a specific instance, public across the federated Mastodon network, and directly between users. The service seeks to distinguish itself from Twitter through its orientation towards small communities and community-based, rather than top-down, moderation... While Mastodon first released in October 2016, the service began to expand in late March and early April 2017.

I'm at and

  • how to move to a new server
  • discussions on operation of the ToolsForThoughtRocks instance

built on ActivityPub

servers, clients, style guides, bots, etc

Python WebApp clients: list





Darius Kazemi: How to Register a Mastodon App

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