(2018-01-24) Jordan Breakfast Club Training Chatbot The Shorty Awards

Michael Jordan's Breakfast Club Training Chatbot - The Shorty Awards

The objective of Jordan Brand's training chatbot is to be the platform elite athletes look to for training and performance advice. (CoachBot)

Once morning comes and 6:23 am hits, each user gets a personalized message from the trainer of the Breakfast Club, Alex Molden, who asks you if you're ready to accept the daily challenge. The user then goes through a daily training program, each routine focused on one or more three core areas: strength, speed and reaction.

Throughout each workout, users are prompted to provide feedback on how the workout is going, and the brand connected with super users directly.

This was only Facebook Messenger with no app of its own!

And limited to 300 players per year! And was just a 4-week program (leading into the season).

It was built by https://snaps.io/, founded by Vivian Rosenthal.

More details on the experience.

Apr'2019 I think it's dead here's archived page.

  • invite-your-friends process is just a mailto link!

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