Coaching ChatBot: 2014-07-06-AiAssistedCoaching

Orig: Played with AIML for an MVP....

Then ELIZA, then Inside-Out Markov Chain...

Low-Tech Ways of Nudging Myself

Jun'2018 web-app launched

  • May08 had added simple string-match for 6 strings: in each cases it responds with a link to a specific page in this WikiLog plus a random choice out of 1-3 possible text responses to that keyword.
  • so a single user entry could result in 1-3 lines of response
    • the keyword-match response line, if there is one
    • an ELIZA response: if user-entry matches an ELIZA sentence pattern, it gives a specific-mirroring response; else it gives a generic response.
    • if the ELIZA response is specific, it uses a piece of the user-entry in its mirroring; in this case that user-piece gets fed to the Inside-Out Markov Chain, which returns a response.


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