(2018-11-28) Levine Annotating As Augmenting Coming To A Web Near You

Alan Levine: Annotating As Augmenting? Coming to a Web Near You. Gardner Campbell is collaborating with the Douglas Engelbart Institute to lead a networked, collaborative close reading of the original Augmenting Human Intellect paper starting at a date to be announced soon in January 2019. He reached out to me to help brainstorm and build the web site (the former is the real gem in this project, our tangential conversations).

We’ve situated it within the Thought Vectors in Concept Space domain, which was the home in 2014-2016 for a cMOOC Gardner lead at Virginia Commonwealth University. (2014-06-13-ThoughtVectorsMooc)

This won’t be a networked blogging/syndication thing, and twitter is not central either; we are focussing on the Hypothes.is web annotation tool to invite people to read/annotate/discuss this paper together. We have some ideas to encourage voracious tagging.

use the new CROWDLAAERs tool to examine the details of the annotation activity

Oh, and we have a bot.: DougEngelbot (@DEngelbot)

The Mother of All Demos... This is all timely as December 9, 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of this event, and a symposium is happening in San Jose bringing together many people related to the demo as well as scholars and visionaries– to not only celebrate The Demo but to look ahead to see how Engelbart’s ideas (not the technical ones) but the human ones are used (or not) to address our human future

Just for the heck of it, I put the entire contents of the 1962 paper into Voyant Tools: (tag cloud)

Feb04: Update: starting up with intros...

Feb11: Week 1 of the Framework Annotation event begins today – Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework

for the next three weeks, fourteen featured annotators from many lands and walks of life, all busy and all giving of themselves and their time, will contribute their thoughts on the document and their thoughts on their thoughts in conversations that will be recorded and added to the record as a meta-layer of consideration

networked digital computing, at scale, amounts to one of the most powerful and potentially dangerous experiments we have ever performed on ourselves.

Engelbart knew very well that mere invention was not enough. Predictably, and with grim effect, the isolated clever tricks of human ingenuity will always solve one problem in one particular situation at the cost of multiplying problems and unwelcome consequences across wide swaths of planetary experience.

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