Mother Of All Demos

"The Mother of All Demos" is a name given retrospectively to Douglas Engelbart's December 9, 1968, computer demonstration at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco. The live demonstration featured the introduction of a complete computer hardware—software system called the oN-Line System or more commonly, NLS. The 90-minute presentation essentially demonstrated almost all the fundamental elements of modern personal computing: multiple windows, HyperText, graphics, efficient navigation and command input, Video Conferencing, the Computer Mouse, word processing, dynamic file linking, revision control (Version Control System), and a collaborative Real Time editor (Collaborative Writing). Engelbart's presentation was the first to publicly demonstrate all these elements in a single system. The demonstration was highly influential and spawned similar projects at Xerox PARC in the early 1970s. includes links to sites with the Video-s!

One of the designers of the experience: Stewart Brand

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