(2019-06-09) Thatte Stream Journaling App

Vidy Thatte has launched Stream, A micro-journaling app designed to save your most important thoughts and ideas... "Twitter for introverts! (NoteBook) You can also add thoughts under different categories. (category). You can also create threads, because a lot of our new thoughts build on top of our old thoughts. (hmm are these just linear streams, or branching?) Share it on twitter with just a swipe.

Priya likes the way it feels like a chat app.

Venkatesh Rao wants to publish to his own wikilog-ish microblog space (preferably one that isn't hostage to a 3rd party service) (maybe using Gatsby). Publishing on twitter = dissolve it into hive mind. Pure private notes = only my mind. Publish on static public site = open up my mind palace for public.... I'm trying to drive my own blog towards this, which is part of the point of my blogchains format, but it's too heavy duty. Among other things, if I published high-frequency tweet-sized blog posts with numbers/dates instead of headlines, it would create very busy RSS... If this became a way to do true microblogging (twitter isn't really microblogging), then RSS would output periodic "graph diff" updates showing new notes added in some sort of coherent order allowing for back/forward tracking.

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