(2020-02-14) InternetArchive Ebook Borrowing

I discovered a couple weeks back that Vannevar Bush had written an auto-bio Pieces of the Action ISBN:0304937835. Since he wrote it in 1970, it's out of print and there's no ebook available.

But the Internet Archive has a scanned file you can "borrow" for 30 (14?) days. My turn just started.

Then someone shared a direct copy of that file (PDF).

So I'm comparing options....

  • direct download, read in MoonReader on my Galaxy Tab.
    • Pages kinda slow to render
    • no table of contents for jumping access
    • can highlight, and that gets saved, but it doesn't display on the page, so if I jump to a highlight I get the right page but no highlighting.
  • InternetArchive
    • e-reader in browser
    • to advance page have to hit tiny arrow button, can't swipe or tap-in-page-corner
    • no highlighting at all
    • can download a PDF or ePub, if I install Adobe Digital Editions (which I use on my laptop to download every ebook I buy from GoogleBooks). Android app gets 2 stars. And then it will disappear when my lending period expires.

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