(2021-07-04) Boyd Taskora Convention

Stowe Boyd: The Taskora Convention. For years, I have argued that markdown needs a richer set of states for tasks. (ToDoList)

In many markdown editors — like Typora — the sequence of characters - [ ] and - [x] are rendered this way, respectively...

If I wanted to represent an urgent task, say, by using the sequence of characters - [!], it would render like a bulleted list element, and not look like the other sorts of tasks:

Here’s the list of task types in the (draft) Taskora Convention.

Unlike the common extensions of markdown, there are four types of open tasks in Taskora.

  • Not Started
  • In Process
  • Blocked
  • Urgent

Inactive Tasks

  • Possible
  • Suspended
  • Closed Tasks

I have appropriated the use of ‘>’ to indent subtasks under parent tasks

The principal key to Taskora is the Typora search capability.

An important part of my Taskora workflow is using TextExpander to, well, expand text abbreviations into Taskora constructs

Taskora is parasitic on Typora: it lives there, but Typora doesn’t implement it explicitly

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