(2022-03-23) Bought Pixel 6

My Pixel 2 XL has been increasingly flaky with voice and SMS/MMS, so it seemed like time to give up.

Received Pixel 6 today.

Seems like it does more data copying on its own (using cable to connect to old phone), but we'll see how the details go. Ah, had that last time, though maybe didn't complete right: (2018-01-10) Bought Pixel 2 XL.

Reverting from Signal app to stock Messages app for SMS/MMS - https://twitter.com/BillSeitz/status/1399065526857519112

Google apps working fine, of course.

Turn on Firefox-sync.

Instapaper, SwiftKey, Kakaotalk fine.

YT-Music shows all my music files got copied over.

As last time, my ebooks didn't come over.

  • highlights-cache looks current on g-drive
  • launch MoonReader - it loads the highlights-bits, but the covers are blanks because the files aren't there
  • notice the g-drive icon in the map, drill into my ebooks folder, search for epubs, download into /Books directory which now exists. (Seems like it only selected 100.)

Mar29: migrate over GoogleAuth, Authy, and Signal app accounts.

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