(2018-01-10) Bought Pixel 2 XL

My Nexus Six has been getting more and more painful to us: slower (esp since InstaPaper forced me to update Android, having periodic issues with not charging if nudged at all after plugin (I think the physical connector was worn), plus it never had much storage, so I was worrying if full-ness was effecting it.

Considered Galaxy Note 8, but decided I was unlikely to get real benefit from the stylus, and prefer to go with bare-Android. So went with the Pixel 2 XL.

Jan12: it arrived today.

  • Has nice connector/app to migrate data from from my old phone. But it didn't seem like it moved a lot of things (like SMS messages) - they had red X's or something like that at end of process. Did I remove cable too soon?
  • Letting it finish its post-connection app-installation (134 apps).
  • Boy the amount of main-screen space eaten by date/temp is appalling. And it can't be removed unless I replace Pixel Launcher with something else like the Nova Launcher. I'm very tempted.
  • Apps finished. But didn't bring any settings, so going into many to login, etc.
  • Do upgrade to Android 8.1.0.
  • Try connecting cable again. App launches but seems limited to file transfer.
  • Contacts, Calendar, Google Keep are fine.
  • Set up Slack, Twitter, SwiftKey, KakaoTalk
  • Realize don't have phone-call history either, which I can live with.
  • Want to set up DropSync to sync my PrivateWiki
    • derp used wrong DropBox email. Ended up un-installing and re-installing. Now works.
  • Log into InstaPaper it downloads everything.
  • My Ventra app shows my bus-card but not my Metra-ticket. Have to use website to transfer ticket.


  • Google Authenticator: easy with computer handy
  • Authy (Hover and CoinBase)
    • argh can't migrate CoinBase!
    • CoinBase suggests Google Authenticator because Authy is tied to your phone number ergo susceptible to phone-number-highjacking. So I get QR code on laptop to set up Authenticator.
    • Hover also pitches Google Authenticator and doesn't mention Authy. So I turn off 2FA and then turn it back on to get the QR code to add it to Authenticator.
    • so I uninstalled Authy
  • MoonReader EBooks, as at Nexus Six. And Downloads (PDFs).
    • try the migration app again. Derp I needed to go to Nexus Six and use the little pulldown notification about USB connection to tell it to allow File Transfers. Now I can browse the file tree remotely, select-all and copy.... (taking 30min!) (~1000 files in Books directory)
    • doing Downloads (another 250 files)
    • then need to check MoonReader: books, then highlights. Books are fine, but no highlights/status. Doing the Backup to GDrive
      • hrm stuck at 20%? Found fix, Backup worked, Restore worked, now have my highlights, plus my Recent list is correct (reading positions), etc.
  • while seems to have copied all photos and videos over, should copy from old phone to iMac just in case...
  • order 3-pack of USB/USB-C cables so I can use my existing wall-warts from my NexusSix with the Pixel.

Now that I have lots of space, do I move my music here? Probably not, probably just put a small selection...

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