(2022-05-05) Logseq Raises $4.1M To Accelerate Growth Of The New World Knowledge Graph

Logseq raises $4.1M to Accelerate Growth of the New World Knowledge Graph. The financing was led by Patrick Collison, Stripe CEO, Nat Friedman, former CEO of GitHub, Tobias Lütke, Founder of Shopify, Sriram Krishnan, GP at A16Z, along with Craft Ventures, Matrix Partners, Day One Ventures, Charlie Cheever, Founder of Expo/Quora, and Dave Winer.

Logseq is building a new global wiki. It is an open-source, knowledge management system that stores data like your brain does; with a graph of nodes.

The platform is a fast-growing wedge to our larger AI mission. Logseq is creating a global shared brain that stores data inter-connectedly, allowing anyone to query in natural language and receive answers that are contextually relevant.

Within only the last three months, Logseq has 81 community-created plugins from calendars, NLP applications, Readwise integrations, etc

Logseq also offers unparalleled privacy by being local-first and storing information in Markdown text files on users’ local devices. Users always own their information. Because Logseq is built on top of Markdown and Org-Mode, it is also interoperable with other platforms and has integrated rendering and editing.

In the future, Logseq plans to make the app collaborative and ultimately create a World Knowledge Graph—a way to connect the individual knowledge graphs of every human and every knowledge repository in the world.

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