(2022-11-19) EFF The Fediverse Could Be Awesome if We Don't Screw It Up

EFF: The Fediverse Could Be Awesome (if we don’t screw it up). How the Fediverse Can Get it Right. (meh I'm dubious about all their details.)

This fresh start could spur more innovation and resilience for communities online—but only if we make careful choices today

Here are some choices we hope that the operators and users of federated systems will make:

Adopt the Santa Clara Principles on content moderation

Community and local control: The fediverse is set up to facilitate community and local control

Innovation in content moderation: The fediverse itself can’t ban users, but the owners of each server have moderation tools and shared blocklists to cater to the experience their users expect.

Lots of application options


We still need strong privacy laws when we move to the fediverse and we still don’t have them.

Lots of financial support models

Global accessibility

Resisting government interference/Have Your Users' Backs

True federation

Interoperability and preventing the next lock-in:

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