(2022-12-17) Adding Dell monitor to my MacBookPro

I've never had a 2nd monitor , but finally pulled the trigger on a Dell S2722QC for my MacBook Pro.

  • Dell S2722QC 27-inch 4K USB-C Monitor - UHD (3840 x 2160) Display, 60Hz Refresh Rate, 8MS Grey-to-Grey Response Time (Normal Mode), Built-in Dual 3W Speakers, 1.07 Billion Colors - Platinum Silver. (One of the nice things about this monitor is that I can rotate it portrait or landscape.)
  • not what second screen is supposed to mean, but I'm using it anyway

By buying it on cyber-monday, I seemed to manage to pay peak-price. It had been cheaper the day before, and it's cheaper today. But, I used Amazon credits, so....

Finally setting up

  • follow the basic instructions, connect everything turn it on.
  • on the MacBookPro I have both USB-Cs going into the right side: monitor further away, power closer.
  • monitor says "No USB-C signal from your device."
  • Hrm I'm still running MacOs-X Catalina, which is now past-support. Upgrading was already on my to-do-list. I guess it just got promoted.
  • Actually, I first try connecting the monitor into the closer-USB-C, and now it works!
  • Dragged over my Chrome mastodon/tweetdeck window and my miro window - sweet!

Dec18: realize I hadn't tested the rotation feature

  • physically rotates fine, display fills up, but the image is sideways
  • you can force System Preferences to offer a Rotation setting - it worked, but rotated both!
  • tried again - nope, the Rotation menu only appears on the main Display screen (which only shows the main/Retina display), not the Arrangement screen.
  • probably really need to update Mac-OS-X to Ventura
  • done: now it works! (But I put it back to landscape.)

Dec31: noticing the MacBookPro has been crashing more often, sometime while asleep - maybe when put to sleep and then unplugged....

  • I think putting the monitor to sleep before shutting the Mac is the key...

Jan13: noticing battery-life seems much worse since the Ventura upgrade.

  • Mac (battery-pulldown) seems to blame Chrome and FreeMind the most
  • Activity Monitor puts Chrome 10x ahead of rest on "12 hr Power" - as usual I have a staggering number of tabs open, though TabSuspender is hittng many of them. ActivityMonitor lists all the threads, but doesn't give a power number to them.
  • Google Chrome task-manager doesn't help much, most CPU% goes to "Browser". I can/should probably
    • do gpuclean more often
    • kill work-portal app when not using it, seems to be near top of the list consistently even when I'm not doing anything, there's probably some state-socket game going on there....
    • i think somewhere along the way I had lots of open tabs which chrome didn't even list in the Windows menu, so once I used Tabli to bring them forward and close them, things got better.

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