(2023-03-03) Cagan The Product Model

Martin Cagan: The Product Model. one thing this new book (Transformed) is doing, is forcing me to come up with a term for what it is that companies are transforming to

What I’m really referring to here is simply how the best tech-powered companies work.

I’m not crazy about “product-led company” because too many people think that means “product-management-led company” which of course it is not.

the most natural term seems to be simply: “product model.”

A tougher concept to name is what the other models are – the model you are transforming from.

commonly referred to as the “IT model”

A close cousin of the IT model is “the project model,”

If it’s general stakeholders, then it may be “the feature-team model”

For the purposes of the book, I’m tentatively intending to refer to whatever model you are coming from as simply the “prior model,” and I’ll refer to the model you’re working to transform to as the “product model.”

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