Alarm company

worked with at QuietCare/LI

monitored house in Barrington - search for title-includes-ADT to find pages

  • panel: Safewatch Pro Custom 2000

to change PIN on box

  • enter current PIN
  • enter "802"
  • enter new pin, then enter it again - should get 3 beeps


  • set: master-code, 803, guest-code (Dec19'2019 - set for BillReddy: 1799)
  • delete: master-code, 803, #0

Instant button - just for setting Night-Stay without 30sec delay for leaving house

PanicButton: press/hold the Fire or Police button for 3 seconds, will trigger alert via ADT to police/fire - cannot cancel/recall this alarm.

Sensors 2020

Sensors old assignments

If get CommFailure check phone line, if all good see 2010-06-27-AdtStormAndKitchenIssues

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