Accounting System

I've always found this to be a problem for every SmallCo.

Only incredibly over-priced systems support much customization. Lower-end systems like QuickBooks are very closed boxes (though maybe it has possibilities I'm not aware of). Perhaps some in-between system would have a lite API which would allow a custom front-end system to generate transactions in the core system. Maybe NetLedger will get there?

See Axiom Accounting System Business Rules for an example of custom processing needs which a Business Web might require.

2002: Jon Udell describes the more prosaic annoyances of having to manually process all the dataflows coming into a business, and notes that XML-based Web Services could help, even without standardized schemas, if processed by an Active Intermediary.

Jul'2008: Dennis Howlett compiles the cost structures of various ASP players.

Jan'2013: advice from some friends, esp on hosted systems (when moving up from QuickBooks and Less Accounting)

  • NetLedger/NetSuite is not fun
  • Microsoft GreatPlains Dynamics is good is you can find a good ASP host
  • Intacct is a good/flexible pure-cloud offering
    • bought by Sage in 2017
    • 2018-2019 co-workers going through migration from QuickBooks, not apparently a friendly API to work with, have to wait for consultant to build pieces.

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