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Only Bill Seitz can edit pages here. But anyone can append a comment at the end of any page. To do so:

  • (optional) go to User Options page, and give yourself a User Name cookie (preferably in Wiki Name style).

  • view the page you want to comment on.

  • scroll to the end of the page. Note the small textarea with the "add a comment" button. Enter your comment in the text area. Please begin or end with your User Name and email address, and the date/time. Then hit the button.

Note that I reserve the right to delete whatever the heck I want. In practice I've applied this to just pointless stuff, not items that disagree with me.

if you want the date/time, it should be a part of the "add a comment" script.

  • Greenup: (greenup do t greenup at eds -dot- co m) sorry. first-comment sloppiness. and now I can't edit it. hmmm. The previous comment should probably have been an email anyway.

  • yeah, I'll get around to it. -BillS

Wiki Wiki Bo Biki Banana Fanna Fo Fiki Me My Moe Miki Wiki!!!!

Sorry, no longer open comments, too much Wiki Spam.

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