Adjusted Winner

Game Theory method to achieve Win-Win (Positive Sum?) division of goods. Patented. By SteveBrams and Alan Taylor

I think this was used in Neal Stephenson's Crypto Nomicon when a bunch of family members had to divide up grandma's assets. They did it visually by moving furniture around in a parking lot. (Actually, that method used 2 dimensions of rating...)

applied to divorce

more general background [article]( Park/6174/jokes/MATH-DIVIDE.HTM) - Among the questions Caltech is tackling: how to spread the cost of cleaning up Los Angeles' polluted skies.

The Win-Win Solution: Guaranteeing Fair Shares to Everybody ISBN:0393320812

Book review - The authors also apply their theories to the modern reality of mergers, noting that often financial terms aren't the sticking points so much as "social issues," such as who will be the new CEO, the new name of the company and which side will become the combined headquarters.

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