Apps On Zaurus

general applications for the Sharp Zaurus - June'2005

Next: new Text Editor, Terminal apps install?

Figure out how to install any app (Terminal first) - used Qtopia Desktop - had to find prefs setting to pick folder to look at for packages, then it was easy.

What Text Editor features do I want?

  • access files not just in single folder

  • open more than 1 file at a time

  • Find, multi-file Find

  • started by downloading simple upgrade - seems to access whole File System and have in-file Find, but no other feature changes.

  • ugh

    • neither version does Auto Save, nor even alerts you if you try to close without saving!

    • also seems to have habit of sometimes creating extra *.desktop file, which causes the filename to show up twice in the list...

Probably want a separate text reader app

Other things to get to: Buzz Outliner (lite), FreeMind?

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