An argument is an attempt to provide a compelling, rigorous demonstration of the truth of a conclusion, based on the truth of any number of premises. If the argument is valid, the premises together entail or imply the conclusion... The difference between an argument and an explanation should be clear. On the one hand, the function or purpose of an argument is to convince people who might be doubting the conclusion. On the other hand, the function or purpose of an explanation is to give the cause of some phenomenon which we observe, or are willing to assume actually occurs. To put it even more briefly, the purpose of an argument is to persuade, while the purpose of an explanation is to explain.

Debate is a formalized system of logical Argumentation. A debate is a rule-governed contest presided by an official, consisting of two or more sides where each side is attempting to win the approval of a designated audience, such as a judge or jury.

The term dialogue expresses basically reciprocal conversation between two or more persons... Plato further simplified the form, and reduced it to pure argumentative conversation, while leaving intact the amusing element of character-drawing.

In his later years, David Bohm developed the technique of Dialogue, in which equal status and "free space" were the most important prerequisites. He believed that if carried out on a sufficiently wide scale, these Dialogues could help overcome fragmentation in society.

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Argumentation and Critical Thinking tutorial

Tom Formaro: This work examines how Argumentation in HyperText alters author, reader, and text.

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